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September 11

On 9/11, 10 years ago today I was a young soldier stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina preparing for my deployment to South Korea. The base sirens began to flare and while I didn’t know what was going on, i knew it was not a drill, the look in people’s face and eyes was of a sense of urgency. In the commotion I asked another soldier what was going on, he quickly said we were under attack, the towers had been crashed in to, and there was fear of more targets being struck. I returned to my unit and got armed with rifle and ammunition along with my comrades and we were strategically dropped off around the base to defend it. I helped guard a daycare school center, and i remember having a feeling of unease but also a sense of duty to protect the kids. Most of us didn’t get home until the following morning because they’re were rumblings that we would be deployed somewhere but information had not completely taken shape yet on the origin of the threat. The following days after the attack were tense and stressful but it was good to see how well everyone came together in the aftermath. Never forget.


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