not quite useless reminders for Testers

Testers do a great job of breaking software but, I think testing the product like our users is a much more elusive idea that we struggle with.  I was reminded of this recently with a couple examples that I will generalize, but found them interesting enough to share

  1. If you have installation instructions that live within your product, you might want to click the link to them and make sure they work.  When testers get comfortable taking shortcuts because it’s faster they bypass how their customers use their product and miss completely obvious things.
  2. When you are a tester and are installing the product to test it completely differently than how you are telling your customers to install the product to use it you may find that this saves you time, but creates a lot of customer support calls and incidents in the long run. Try following the documentation like you ask your customers to do, and see how you like it.  Maybe the documentation needs to be improved.




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